The Hostico contact system has been updated

Customer account development continues with the new flexible contact system and Remote MySQL authenticationHosticoblogPublished 11/07/2022 by Mark Dohi
Isolate Contacts & Remote MySQL

The Hostico development team has launched a number of new features in the client account, based on the feedback received, which aim at an improved general administration, as well as a new Remote MySQL authentication system.

Contact Invoicing

The division of billing for individuals or companies that manage multiple services is now possible in the Hostico customer account.
The contact billing system allows the user to create secondary accounts (subcontacts) that can be set on certain services, so that the proforma invoices are issued on data other than the main ones of the account.
A contact can be assigned to one or more products, therefore, the customer in question will be implicitly notified via email of every aspect of a commercial nature. Even if a contact is isolated on a service, the account holder will continue to receive all notifications related to it, and will be able to update the issued proformas data at any time, if a wrong contact was chosen, or the data has changed in the meantime.

For situations where a contact is required to be notified financially for all services in the account (whether or not it has been assigned as a billing user), we have decided to split the notifications into two categories:

  • Isolated notifications (financial emails will only be sent for the services you have been assigned to)
  • Global notifications (all financial emails in the account will be sent)

The general mode of operation as well as the process of setting up a contact on a service, are detailed in the articles: What is associated contacts billing? and Activating associated contacts billing.

Contact technical support

As in the case of the invoicing presented above, the technical support on contacts allows the Hostico account administrator to assign a user who has the right to request technical issues, thus isolating him from the rest of the services in the account.
Those accounts will be limited to opening technical requests only by email (default ticketing system), any technical request through live chat support that directly targets a service, will have to be made by the main administrator, who has the obligation to be logged in with an active session. Live chat technical support without client authentication will be strictly limited to general information that cannot target the services in the account.

The details of contact support and activation on a service are described in the pages: What is associated contact technical support? and Activating technical support on associated contacts.

Remote MySQL

For all shared hosting packages it is now possible to request MySQL remote access permission from the Hostico client interface.
The request can be made for two IP addresses simultaneously on a single hosting package, with a temporary or permanent access period.
The temporary request can be set for a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 24 hours, with the possibility of cancellation from the account if necessary, and for the permanent one, a support ticket will automatically open in your customer account, and the implementation will be confirmed by the Hostico support department, if the reason for the request is well-founded.

Currently, the IP addition feature in remote MySQL is only allowed for shared hosting services, so if you want to add on a VPS, you will need to contact the Hostico technical department.

The procedure for adding an IP to the MySQL remote list can be found in the article: Activate remote MySQL from Hostico client account

Price updates

At Hostico we work constantly to keep competitive prices for all services offered, due to this, price adjustments usually only come as a result of direct actions taken by third party providers.
The authorized registry of the .com extension (Verisign) has announced a price increase that applies to all registrars, so we are forced to adjust the rate in accordance with the changes.
Starting from 09/01/2022, the registration, renewal and transfer fee of .com domains will be updated from 10.79$ + VAT / year to 11.99$ + VAT / year. Those who wish to renew .com domains at the old rate have this possibility until the end of August, by generating a proforma invoice from the customer interface, or by contacting the commercial department using one of the assistance methods available.
The free domain offer for the first 12 months upon purchase of a one-year hosting package will not be affected by this price increase.

Price changes at domain level will be subject to the following extensions:

Current Price
New price


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